What God said…

Since being commissioned out of Mosaic, our family has been taking the opportunity to explore what God might be doing in and through other communities of faith in the city. I love the above song/video by Anthony David that was aired during our most recent experience.  I’m thrilled that there are communities out there that […]

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Education that matters

I just saw this short documentary “Children Full of Life”, about a teacher, Toshiro Kanamori, and his fourth-grade class northwest of Tokyo. My wife is a teacher and I have massive respect for educators who are doing their job, but I have always found something stifling within our education system in the west. Volumes can […]

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Fully human

I wrote in the past on ‘what if Christians were human‘ – I love Marlon Hall’s take in the video on being human and imagination and what gives him hope today.

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When inspiration hits

original youtube link No, this isn’t another post about how brilliant Steve Jobs is. What I’m wondering is what’s it to you? It’s inspiring to hear about being ‘the rebel’, ‘the round peg in the square hole’, and ‘seeing things differently’, but how many people actually do something about it? It’s so easy to think […]

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TEDxToronto video on our city

TEDxToronto is on again right now with a great video highlighting the great city of Toronto.

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The Internet is My Religion

Watch live streaming video from pdf2011 at Interesting video out of the Personal Democracy Forum 2011 by Jim Gilliam Your thoughts? h/t: Johnny Laird

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Learning to see better

Original Youtube link What a great story coming out of ‘Korean’s got talent’. I can’t help but wonder how much potential gets lost and passed over every single day. How many children are abandoned without realizing the extraordinary contributions they could make to our world? How many people do we walk by without recognizing the […]

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The cost of war

While many are debating whether the killing of Osama Bin Laden was ‘wrong‘ or ‘good and healthy‘, I think it’s important for us to reflect on whether the journey of war that got us here was even worth it. Some highlights on the past 10 years: An initial blow to the economy of $40 billion […]

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