The year that past

My memory is dismal so it’s always important for me to reflect and write. Life is short, but it can be incredibly broad. Some snippets of 2011: Family rocked. We celebrated our eighth astonishing year of marriage and are raising two wonder-filled daughters. My wife kicked it into high gear doing double duty as a […]

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Ending Church

The Church exists by mission as fire exists by burning – Emil Brunner A while back my 3-year old daughter drew a picture on the whiteboard and turned to me exclaiming “Daddy look at my beautiful drawing!” I quickly said “Let’s go show mommy”, but before I could get her she wiped it away. I […]

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Thoughts on the pepsi refresh contest

About a week ago I asked everyone to vote for our team in the Canadian Pepsi Refresh Project contest. Unfortunately I’ve had to pull us out. A few thoughts for those of you who are interested in a review of the process and tips for those of you who plan to enter later on. There’s […]

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It’s debatable whether the ‘resistance‘ is with us from birth. When I look at my children, I’m reminded that kids make beauty without even knowing it. They’re not oppressed by the weight of what the world might think of them, they simply are. My daughter Gem blows bubbles and giggles to herself. My older daughter […]

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The decade that past

My dad always says that the decades seem to go by with every blink of an eye. We don’t get many decades in life so it’s important to take stock of each one that goes by. My last decade? – Wrapped up a brutal engineering degree at McMaster University – Ended one of the cushiest […]

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Broke beyond repair

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There are some dreams you pray with every fiber of your being never to come true. I had been thinking along this theme of beauty and brokenness for weeks. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was only scratching the surface. I fell asleep one night asking God to take me further. We’re on a […]

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When we long for death

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When I was 15 I wanted to die every single day. I had several volumes of mixed tapes which I recall being labeled ‘depression to the max’, filled with pukey-heartbreak songs and raging-industrial-metal constantly on replay. I’d contemplate between making a big splash of my death or just going away quietly. But I never had […]

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A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Donald Miller is back with a new one, and I’ve got to say as good as blue like jazz was, I like his latest musings even more. Miller explorers the power of stories as he journeys through making a movie based on his life. The primary premise of the book was that a story is […]

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