Seminary – was it worth it?

(Photo by ambery) Before I begin, I need to say that I’ve never been a fan of any schooling system I’ve ever been a part of. – In high school, I was a 90s student but on academic probation for missing too many classes. – I scraped by university, passionless for my engineering degree, and […]

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Where do you sit?

Do you have a particular spot you like to sit? I rarely went to class in university because without fail, I would fall asleep in every single one of them.  I’d wake up to some strange pen trail of gibberish and wonder what on earth it was all for. I tried sitting at the front […]

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I’ve been highly unproductive the last few weeks trying to pray and listen for God to speak to me in terms of next steps… problem is He keeps speaking to me in all these other areas of my life. – I have answers to questions I haven’t honestly wrestled through myself – I judge people […]

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I’ve spent most of my journey with Jesus with a go-until-you-get-a-no philosophy.  The last six years of my life were well planned ahead and have more or less worked out accordingly.  I believe in the sovereignty of God, but I also believe in doing my part, and being diligent with the mind and creativity God […]

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The church is a whore…

…but she is my mother. ~ St. Augustine. That’s how I’ve felt about seminary quite often. The overblown tuition, the seduction of academia and professionalism, the regurgitation of thought, the staleness of the classroom environment, the creative vacuum, and the incredible chasm between how things are, and the way you know it ought to be, […]

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I’m done…

After six years of seminary, I’m finally done. And now I’m sick. But as soon as that’s over, it’s going to be a whole new chapter in our lives.

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A couple other seminary students were sharing with me yesterday about how lonely things can be as they’ve began working in leadership in different churches. I wrote a while back about how ‘leaders need community‘.  I want to take this further as not only an acknowledgment, but as a request, on behalf of leaders. Certainly […]

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Rock Star Pastors?

Photo by Roger Cullman Preaching last week, I slipped out something I probably needed to hear more for myself. I told people that they don’t need a rock-star pastor or a superstar leader. They need Jesus in their lives. With the very best of what church’s and the world has to offer available on […]

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