Solar Crash 2010 highlights

Things have been very quiet here lately, but I plan on posting with a vengeance in 2011. As for now, here are some noteworthy posts from 2010 (some of them are because of the great discussion in the comments) On beauty & brokenness Why beauty matters Beauty is universal Obviously broken Everything is broken When we long […]

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Drop Like Stars – Book Review

Rob Bell’s latest book Drop Like Stars explores the relationship between creativity and suffering. If you’re familiar with Bell’s sermons, tours, and previous works, it won’t be phenomenally new content.  In fact, the book almost stands in defiance of content, as I’m guessing if all the text was put into a Word document it’d be […]

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Peter Rollins Talks & Downloads

Peter Rollins has been the latest provoking button pusher for me.  He looks and talks like a complete drunk on redbull, but he’s got some profound thoughts.  I don’t know if this list of resources will grow as large as my Rob Bell listing, but here we go. Here’s his wikipedia bio Peter Rollins (born […]

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Advent Conspiracy

Our community is involved with the advent conspiracy for Christmas again this year. You got something better going on?

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Some random links you might find intriguing… Similar to LifeChurch’s, another space for web 2.0 confessions Rob Bell stuff – Transcript of latest nooma “Open” and new book coming out WordPress 2.5 is being released soon – looking forward to doing some upgrades here Following Radiohead’s lead – Download Nine Inch Nails’ latest […]

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Church planting wives…

Some excellent resources I just stumbled across specifically for spouses of church planters… Free downloadable book, “My husband wants to be a church planter“, discussion guide as well here. (The book includes chapters by wife of Bob Roberts of Glocalnet, Niki, and wife of Erwin McManus of Mosaic LA, Kim.  HT: Truly Captivating. for […]

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Latest Links…

Nothing to say today. Just some random links I’ve come across the last while The Toronto Star – a secular newspaper surprisingly did a segment on church planting movements The lifecyle of a blog post How Erwin McManus got his last name Barack Obama – Article by Caroline Kennedy, and interview with Christianity Today Young […]

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R.E.A.L. Disciplines

This past Sunday I introduced our church to r.e.a.l. disciplines. This is something I adapted from Michael Frost’s BELLS and Neil Cole’s LTG‘s. r.e.a.l. is an acronym for Reflect, Eat, Act, and Listen. Our goal is not simply to be a community of faith, but a community of practice. What does it mean to incarnate […]

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