In the bread line

By German artist Fritz Eichenberg Looking for God? Search the unlikely places.

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You’ve been given something

Minimalist Monday thought: You’ve been given something, you’re suppose to give away. (Note: I saved this image years ago and I’d credit it if I knew where it was from – please claim)

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Praying for time

hands praying for time

I’ve always loved George Michael’s song “Praying for time”. If you can ignore all the controversies surrounding him (hence why I’ve embedded the Carrie Underwood rendition), the song is every bit lyrical genius. It’s not hard to list how humanity has screwed up royally (ie. as the earth bleeds for our sins amid the current […]

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Broken III – Collective

Some commentary regarding my last two posts, Repulsive and Captive. My wife told me I should have included the credits to the posts, but was completely disturbed when she realized it was my own writing.  It still makes me gag a bit when I read it.  Let me do some explaining. First off it was […]

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Human garbage

Every now and then, from 2am-6am, I help distribute food and connect with homeless folks on the streets of Toronto. Just about every time there’s a conversation that goes like this: – Is that someone over there? – Nope, just a pile of garbage – No Wait, that’s actually a person. Or, in the words […]

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Some friends of mine have an awesome vision of incarnating Christ into the neighbourhoods of Toronto.  They’ve been researching hard and have identified 25 of the poorest and most unreached patches in the city, and are asking for people to literally move-in, and be the church in these neighborhoods. They are holding their first conference […]

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Linking Arms, Linking Lives

Linking arms How can urban-Suburban Partnerships transform Communities? Is it even possible? Linking Arms, Linking Lives is by several community development heavy weights like Ron Sider, John Perkins, and Wayne Gordon. I’d say the book is more than a good start on this rapidly emerging issue. Too often I read books that seem to speak […]

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With so much hope and expectation for 2009, I’ve been miserable feeling so physically out of it the last while. I’ll get back into blogging soon as well.  As for now, check out gap minder’s latest graph [Image Creative Commons licensed by Gapminder.] How’d we let this happen? For news of less global importance, how’d […]

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