unstash manifesto

It’s been a bit quiet here, but I’m still alive. The above image is a manifesto I wrote up for unstash. It’s received some great attention, but could use more. Please keep passing it around. I’m also working on a new writing project. More on that soon.

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A few updates here since I’ve been relatively quiet the last while. Even though I’ve written in the past about the dangers of parenting, the last few months have really been all about family. Gem, our newborn, is more precious than I could’ve imagined and doing quite well. Stellar has been exploding with life, questions, […]

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It’s been absolutely crazy and wondrous times lately. I plan on posting much more soon.  Some quick updates on our end. Gem is doing well.  Either she’s a tad easier or we’ve toughened up along the way. Stellar is an awesome nurturing big sister.  Raising her has become far more joyous as well as challenging. […]

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Haiti – broken | beautiful

haiti funeral -

The next Solar Crash Event will be emerging from the rubble this Saturday evening at the El Mocambo night club downtown Toronto. As with every event there will be great local artists along with new experimental elements.  We’ll be exploring themes of beauty amidst brokenness.  You can still RSVP yourselves on the FB event page. […]

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Angel or Demon?

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I’ve had this photo on my computer for a number of years (I’d credit it if I could recall where I got it). It’s always fascinated me. What are your thoughts? Do you relate to her? You can also explore more at our Solar Crash: Broken Beautiful live event.

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Everything is broken

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I can’t recall where I was, but I had to take a photo of this art exhibit. It’s intriguing because it’s making art out of something broken. It demonstrates the truth that all of creation is broken. At the same time, it’s completely false in how everything is broken in the same places. Sometimes sweeping […]

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Obviously Broken

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Along with beauty, brokenness isn’t spoken of much either. We’ll talk about it conceptually or in generalities, but the closer we get to specifics, the quicker we seem to want out of the conversation. People with physical disabilities have always struck a strange chord with me.  Their brokenness is so blatant and transparent for everyone […]

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Pregnant again!

Speaking of Strong Daughters, this is fresh from our ultrasound today. And yes, she’s a girl!  That or the boy has a really small wee wee… which just couldn’t possibly be. That makes three girls in my life now.  I’m officially surrounded, but not surrendering anytime soon.

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