Seth Godin – Why things are broken

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Before it was cool…

Just to follow up on my last post “Stop donating to Haiti?” which received quite a number of hits – my very general take is to go ahead and exercise your god given wisdom, but don’t let any amount of theorizing stop you from giving when it’s in your heart to do so. I wanted […]

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How do you repeat the extraordinary?

Continuing yesterday’s post “What have you done for me lately” Whether you’re a leader, an artist, or an every day working person – after basking in the glow of doing something extraordinary, the inevitable question always starts to cloud over – “How will I ever top this?” How can you possibly win gold again?  How […]

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What have you done for me lately?

A friend was recently commenting on how Eminem sucks now because his latest releases have been garbage and nothing has ever compared to his second album. While it’s debatable by some whether Eminem’s work is ‘art’, it bothers me when we treat people like products. What we produce is a part of who we are, […]

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Lone Rangers

I grabbed a late night bite with Mr. Broken-but-usable JD yesterday.  The jerk called me a lone ranger. About fifteen years ago when I first entered the doors of a church I was called a lone ranger as well. Trying to not look stupid, I rarely talked to anybody about my spiritual journey.  On my […]

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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

I just finished reading the book “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters“, and had to share it with more people. I’ve gathered a bunch of men raising daughters to group blog through the book chapter by chapter here in two weeks. Some awesome missions-oriented guys joining the ride: Marty Schmidt Tony Sheng Sam Radford Chris Marsden Alan […]

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Help wanted…

Photo by liminalmike This is my annual call for help with projects I’m working on. Artists – music, spoken word, drama, dance, visual arts, writing, sculpting, fashion, AV, graphic design, experience design, other random interesting talents, etc. Leaders – creative folks with a love for the city of Toronto and a passion to see goodness […]

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A city that thinks like the web

View more Microsoft Word documents from Mark Surman. I participated in Government 2.0 online last year, but just got around to going through this talk by Mark Surman of Mozilla. He offers a great primer on technology and how the open source movement relates to civic engagement. My favorite insight was towards the end where […]

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