Fully human

I wrote in the past on ‘what if Christians were human‘ – I love Marlon Hall’s take in the video on being human and imagination and what gives him hope today.

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This is your life


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The edge of glory

Confession: There’s a Lady Gaga song I haven’t been able to get out of my head lately. I read about the song first before hearing it. Mother Monster apparently shared that it was inspired by the death of grandfather and was about looking back at one’s life in the final moments – on the edge […]

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5 Minutes to change the world

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This is a re-post from one of my recent favorites on Seth Godin’s blog earlier this year that has yet to leave me. You Rock. This is deceptive. You don’t rock all the time. No one does. No one is a rock star, superstar, world-changing artist all the time. In fact, it’s a self-defeating goal. […]

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Fringe benefits of failure

Failure - when your best just isn't good enough

I live a different life from most people I know. I don’t have any form of a nine-to-five job. I barely earn an income (My wife even encouraged me to stop trying) And besides phenomenal time with my family, I spend my days pursuing dreams that may never materialize. Some days I wake with breathtaking […]

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Praying for time

hands praying for time

I’ve always loved George Michael’s song “Praying for time”. If you can ignore all the controversies surrounding him (hence why I’ve embedded the Carrie Underwood rendition), the song is every bit lyrical genius. It’s not hard to list how humanity has screwed up royally (ie. as the earth bleeds for our sins amid the current […]

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Beauty & brokenness meet

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There is this odd scene near the end of the Gospel of Mark. There’s an innocent man nailed upon a wooden cross.  Jesus hangs in excruciating pain and while gasping for air he utters one final desperate cry of divine abandonment. And it’s at this moment, that a roman centurion who has been looking upon […]

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Broke beyond repair

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There are some dreams you pray with every fiber of your being never to come true. I had been thinking along this theme of beauty and brokenness for weeks. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was only scratching the surface. I fell asleep one night asking God to take me further. We’re on a […]

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