Parting Words

This past weekend I was commissioned out of Mosaic (the community of faith I’ve been leading the past four years) and had the opportunity to share a parting message. Last words are often said too late, or in haste, so I thought I’d do something I’ve never done in my years of speaking, I actually […]

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Burn the boats

At a meetup of entrepreneurs in the city yesterday I was introduced to the phrase ‘burn the boats’. It’s a similar concept to my favorite scene in Gattaca Legend has it that when Cortes landed in Mexico in the 1500s, he ordered his men to burn the ships that had brought them there to remove […]

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Disturb us, O Lord

Disturb us, O Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little; when we have arrived in safety because we sailed too close to the shore. Disturb us, O Lord, when with the abundance of things we possess we have lost our thirst […]

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The Internet is My Religion

Watch live streaming video from pdf2011 at Interesting video out of the Personal Democracy Forum 2011 by Jim Gilliam Your thoughts? h/t: Johnny Laird

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Opting out of heaven

* You can buy the bumper sticker here Taking the previous post on God’s Kryptonite a step further. I’ve got two kids. Let’s say one of them becomes sinful and rebellious (which would just never happen). But hypothetically, let’s just say for whatever reason one of my daughters lives a selfish and faithless life. At […]

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God’s Kryptonite

One of the defining characteristics I’ll hear Christians speaking of regarding their faith is that they worship a God of unconditional love and grace. Fantastic. And then they (including my past self) will say ‘salvation’ (heaven, eternity, life to the fullest, etc) is a gift of God … given by grace … it can’t be […]

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3… 2… 1… Apocalypse!

Harold Camping has made quite a splash recently with his latest doomsday prediction. It’s suppose to occur sometime before 6pm today – and that’s 6pm EST because that’s God’s favorite timezone of course. I wrote about being ‘left behind‘ a couple months ago – here’s some other great links as you prepare for the end. […]

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Pole Dancing for Jesus

I believe in the redemption of all things… but now I wonder. Your thoughts?

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