Do what other’s won’t

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image via shatterboxx It’s a profound thing to come to the realization that you don’t have to be where you are. Getting to where you want to be may be a completely separate journey, but if you don’t allow yourself to dream of distant places, that’s all they’ll ever be. You’re freer than you think. […]

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When inspiration hits

original youtube link No, this isn’t another post about how brilliant Steve Jobs is. What I’m wondering is what’s it to you? It’s inspiring to hear about being ‘the rebel’, ‘the round peg in the square hole’, and ‘seeing things differently’, but how many people actually do something about it? It’s so easy to think […]

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This is your life


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Burn the boats

At a meetup of entrepreneurs in the city yesterday I was introduced to the phrase ‘burn the boats’. It’s a similar concept to my favorite scene in Gattaca Legend has it that when Cortes landed in Mexico in the 1500s, he ordered his men to burn the ships that had brought them there to remove […]

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Learning to see better

Original Youtube link What a great story coming out of ‘Korean’s got talent’. I can’t help but wonder how much potential gets lost and passed over every single day. How many children are abandoned without realizing the extraordinary contributions they could make to our world? How many people do we walk by without recognizing the […]

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Press Pause Play

Has there ever been a better time time to make something awesome? Visit for more info, screening dates, and sneak peaks.

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The creative life…

I hate being wrong, but this is so true. h/t Ivania

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