U2 – One

Did everyone catch the live streaming U2 rose bowl concert? They should be rebroadcasting it here soon. I got a ton of hits from people searching for song lyrics and meanings. There’s so much great stuff in One, but did you ever notice the lyrics in this verse? It’s too late tonight to drag the […]

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A letter from God to Man

This is a great song and video by Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. I love the radiohead sampling in particular. If you can’t quite catch all the lyrics you can find them here.

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Say something beautiful

It seems I still haven’t been able to shake my love/hate relationship with speaking and preaching. I’m definitely my worst critic, but I feel bad when it leaks into the critique of others sometimes. Some people speak just to say something (the blabbers), And as the saying goes, some people speak because they have something […]

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Sharing Christ in the free world

If sharing Christ is a matter of communicating information, then Christians are in a lot of trouble. It still boggles my mind that pastors can spend 30+ hours preparing for to articulate a half hour message each week. I’m positive that no one wants to die simply knowing a lot of stuff, yet so many […]

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Poets prophets preachers – Recap

* Update – Poets, prophets, preachers is available for download at Also see my rob bell messages & videos page for more Wifi was severely limited Limited at the conference so no live blogging – plus I didn’t bring my laptop around with me for the first time in my life… the iPod touch […]

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Poets, Prophets, & Preachers

A seminar for teachers, preachers, speakers, leaders and pastors serious about reclaiming the art of the sermon. I’m really not big on conferences at all.  But I’ll be at this one. I’ve got someone looking to share half a ticket with (one registration gets two people in). Let me know ASAP if you’ve got one […]

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A city that thinks like the web

View more Microsoft Word documents from Mark Surman. I participated in Government 2.0 online last year, but just got around to going through this talk by Mark Surman of Mozilla. He offers a great primer on technology and how the open source movement relates to civic engagement. My favorite insight was towards the end where […]

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The emergent church according to Peter Rollins

This was a thought provoking discussion, worth your time listening in. Peter Rollins will also be sharing at the Poets, Prophets, Preachers gathering I’m stoked to be at. (btw, I know the emergent term has been pulled through the gutter lately, but I’m also influenced by hardcore reformed fundies like Mark Driscoll and Tim Keller… […]

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