Church planting

Parting Words

This past weekend I was commissioned out of Mosaic (the community of faith I’ve been leading the past four years) and had the opportunity to share a parting message. Last words are often said too late, or in haste, so I thought I’d do something I’ve never done in my years of speaking, I actually […]

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Ending Church

The Church exists by mission as fire exists by burning – Emil Brunner A while back my 3-year old daughter drew a picture on the whiteboard and turned to me exclaiming “Daddy look at my beautiful drawing!” I quickly said “Let’s go show mommy”, but before I could get her she wiped it away. I […]

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A letter to the Church of North America

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Some friends of mine are running an event called the eighth letter. In the spirit of the Book of Revelation they’ve asked people to share letters addressed to the church of north america today. I’m too late for their contest – but I noticed a synchroblog going on where others are joining in and I […]

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Why Toronto Matters

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Continuing my last couple posts on “God’s bias for the city” and “why cities matter” some thoughts on why the City of Toronto matters. Toronto is the most ethnically and culturally diverse urban area on planet earth. Half of its citizens are visible minorities. You can find glimpses of the entire world in one city.  […]

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Suspended Space

What do you think?

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Can the church regain it’s glow?

A couple weeks ago I preached a message working through Van Gogh’s art and the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God. It was a really fun one, partly inspired by this book. My favorite bit was on Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. Van Gogh was really intentional with his colors using blue for mystery […]

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Peter Rollins Talks & Downloads

Peter Rollins has been the latest provoking button pusher for me.  He looks and talks like a complete drunk on redbull, but he’s got some profound thoughts.  I don’t know if this list of resources will grow as large as my Rob Bell listing, but here we go. Here’s his wikipedia bio Peter Rollins (born […]

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One size fits all?

Joe Manafo just sent me the documentary he made with Nathan Colquhoun, called One Size Fits All? What is God doing on the fringes of Canadian culture? Flying under the radar of pop-Christianity, experimental churches are quietly establishing genuine Kingdom outposts in settings both feared and forgotten. ‘One Size Fits All?’ uncovers the obscure story […]

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