You are a writer

Just finished Jeff Goins soon-to-be released book “You are a writer” And yes, I read this because I’ve been in hiding working on a book.  It’s almost done too.  Content is there, but pulling it together, cutting and editing has been making me hemorrhage .  More to be unveiled later. Goins does a great job addressing […]

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Rob Bell – Love Wins review

Backdrop: Rob Bell Controversy summary I was suppose to get an advanced copy of the book, but I think it got lost.  I finally got around to reading it.  You can find plenty of highlights on the interwebs but here’s my quick take. If you’re looking for things to critique and hate, you’ll find it. […]

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Rob Bell: Love Wins ?

Heresy? Hope? Confusion? Truth? Clarity? okay really, this post was just for link juice from all the silly christians out there. Update: NY Times and Christianity Today weigh in on controversy HarperOne the publisher has moved the release date up to March 15th 2011 Update 2: RSVP at the facebook page as Rob Bell will […]

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Not Like Me

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Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World helps people of faith effectively love, serve, and reach people overlooked by the church. Not Like Me includes a brief article after each chapter with practical ways to apply the principles presented in that chapter. The contributors include:  Ed Stetzer, Amena Brown, Margaret Feinberg, Kevin Harney, Dr. Gerardo […]

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Delivering Happiness

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About a month ago I was sent an advanced copy of Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness. I was planning on just lightly skimming it, but I ended up really falling in love with the story. Most of the business principles you’ll find in the book have been around forever, but Tony does a great job of […]

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A new kind of Christianity

brian mclaren book - new kind of christianity

I recently finished Brian Mclaren‘s latest “A new kind of Christianity“. I recall Mclaren’s earlier book that became a trilogy – a new kind of christian – being banned in many churches.  I get the sense that a lot of concepts or challenges presented in that book have since shaped many churches, even if indirectly. […]

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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

It was a bit of a rocky finish on our Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Group Blogging Project. But here are some closing thoughts of mine. As a father of soon-to-be two daughters, this book scared the crap out of me. The challenge ahead is huge, particularly because our instantaneous, over-sexualized, materialistic culture seems to wage […]

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Keep her connected

The Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Group Blogging Project continues. Chapter 10 – Keep her connected – is brought to by Jason Tripp – friend, father, fellow tyndale seminary graduate, and lead pastor Valleyview community church Recently I came across a jawdropping statistic. The average American father (and I’m sure the Canadian figure would be similar) […]

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