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Missional Values

God is the ultimate missionary

God passionately pursues every one of us with his love. Whether we are believers or not every one of us is, and continues to be, God’s mission field. Mission is God’s initiative, not ours. We are never alone on this mission. The Holy Spirit goes ahead of us preparing the hearts of men and women long before we arrive. Jesus serves as the ultimate example of seeking the lost and revealing God’s love. God’s missionary heart for people is not a crutch, but the inspiration, power, and example by which we move with him on mission. (More on this and comments here)

Every person is called to be on mission

The good news of God always comes to us on its way to someone else. It must never be contained or possessed. The call of Jesus goes far beyond acceptance and heaven. Every follower of Jesus that remains on this earth continues to live and breathe for a reason. Every child of God is called to join the Father on His mission of sharing his heart and passion with the entire world. This mission is not only to the gifted or the elite, but is entrusted to every person regardless of ability. God believes in each one of us more than we could ever believe in Him. His mission is our mission. (More on this and comments here)

The mission is motivated by love

Every human being no matter far from God is invaluable to God. There is no mission without love for people – not as targets as often is the case, but as precious people made in the image of God. Jesus did not see the last, the lost, and the least, as charity cases, but as authentic people that he related to with compassion. The mission is deepest and widest, when God’s redeemed, love people as genuine human beings.

Unlike in the past where it has often been that one must first believe the right doctrines, then subsequently become the right person, and then finally were finally permitted to join the inner circle of community, Jesus demonstrated the reverse. Jesus’ mission was motivated by love as demonstrated by his radical inclusiveness. His mission invites people to belonging in community and engages them to becoming the people they were each intended to be. As God’s undeniable love presses against the hearts of people, the hope is that they might find themselves passionately believing and embracing the love of God. Love lies at the heart of the mission. (More on this and comments here)

Hope is what the mission offers

The mission must always be conveyed as hope for the world because that is what the good news is. Followers of Jesus are to be voices of hope, encountering culture and relevantly communicating the purposes of God for all humanity. Today people are not looking for a hell to get out of or a heaven to get into, but a reason to live and to die. The world must know that this is what the God of the living offers. Christians must see the hope of God in people. Just as God believes in us more than we believe in Him, we must believe in people more than they may believe in themselves. The hope is not something new to believe in, but a new life as it was intended to be lived. This hope is in a life before death, not just after. The mission offers the world hope of life, and life to the fullest. (More on this and comments here)

The mission is a movement

The mission of God requires kingdom advancing warriors moved by the spirit of God. It will not be accomplished by those who stand idly by. Those joining God’s mission realize that there are forces both human and supernatural that move against the mission. The mission does not wait, but creates. It makes the most of every opportunity. It has unshakable hope that every effort is worthwhile. It believes that monumental transformations can happen over time with even the most minor shifts in a person’s heart. The mission fuels itself with every movement forward. God calls every person to join him on mission, motivated by his love, and offering hope to all people, by every possible means. (More on this and comments here)