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Join us for an evening converging spirituality and creativity.  The theme of the night will be…

The Solar Crash

– what would it look like if heaven collided with earth?

– Have your imagination provoked by a wide variety of live performances and visual arts (everything from musicians to magicians and spoken word to silent stills)

– Connect with others over drinks, conversation, and even on-the-spot collaborative arts projects

– Be informed and be involved with conspiring and creating goodness in our world

August 24th, 2008 @ The El Mocambo

– Doors open at 7pm, event goes live at 7:30pm

Current Solar Crash Promo Site, with pre/post-show information

Current Promo Flyer Download pdf here and alternate version here & here

[singlepic=12,120,90,,center] The El Mocambo is a legendary venue downtown Toronto – Everyone from U2, to Blondie, to K-Os, to the Rolling Stones have been on this stage.

Some photos of the venue

You can RSVP and promote via the facebook event page


– Provide a platform for showcasing local talent and artistic expression

– Prototype what it means to engage culture in secular and public spaces while exposing the sacred and the divine

– Collectively contribute to providing hope and alleviating suffering.  In our case 100% of proceeds will be going to wateraid.org / water.cc – with $3,000 we can build a well that providing approximately 1,500 people with clean water.  Learn more about the global water crisis.

El Mocambo, 464 Spadina Avenue
Google Map

Artists FYI

*** Information here is preliminary for those of you helping create this experience and subject to minor changes ***

Artists of any faith background are welcome to be a part of this.  I only ask that the theme be deeply reflected upon in contributing to the evening.  It can be an expression of doubt, conviction, joy, frustration, or passion.  Just about anything goes.

We’re hoping artists in particular can take the opportunity to invite their friends who might connect with their expressions during the evening as well

Though it’s not final, tickets are looking to be $10, maybe more at the door, and maybe less with a can of food.

Artistic works can be left for interpretation or explained to the audience at the Artists’ choosing.

The venue will be fully staffed with sound engineer, security, bartender, and stage manager.

Stage specifications and equipment details

I’m still looking for different stage acts, forms of displayed art, as well as organizational help.
Let me know if you can help.