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What God said…

Since being commissioned out of Mosaic, our family has been taking the opportunity to explore what God might be doing in and through other communities of faith in the city.

I love the above song/video by Anthony David that was aired during our most recent experience.  I’m thrilled that there are communities out there that are unafraid to confront the subtle lies and shear lunacy held by some religious circles.


Shake the hand my imaginary friend
See the trouble he gets in
Can’t he be trace back to me
He can pretend at the slightest of his whim
He has the power to suspend all rules of morality
And when we gets angry he can make the lightning strike
He can help me win the fight with his power
Yes he speaks through me and it’s always positive
Cause I can just ask for forgiveness and it’s over


So you can put the blame on me I am doing what God said
What God said (repeat)
Don’t you put the blame on me I am doing what god said
What god said (repeat)

In the name of the one who made us all
I will hide behind these walls from my enemy
By the power bestowed from up above
I will conquer you because it is my destiny
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And with the righteous hand
I will bring you to your knees
I will strip you of your freedom without mercy
And when the earth quakes and the blood runs in the sand
There will be no final stand for the unworthy

I stand, on a mountain top, on a solid rock
I stand, upon this truth and I won’t be moved
I stand, and when I come to claim my victory
I repeat what was told to me

So you can’t put the blame on me
I’m doing what God said, what God said, what God said
And he speaks to only me
I know what God said, what God said, what God said

Your thoughts?

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