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The year that past

fork in the road

My memory is dismal so it’s always important for me to reflect and write.

Life is short, but it can be incredibly broad. Some snippets of 2011:

Family rocked. We celebrated our eighth astonishing year of marriage and are raising two wonder-filled daughters.

My wife kicked it into high gear doing double duty as a teacher and photographer

Took over the house I was raised in, and all the work that comes along with it.

Worked at leading our faith community through transitions – new location, sudden death of a friend and leader, conflicts and daring new directions

Incorporated a company Humanity3 Inc.

Spoke in a range of spaces from high schools to church innovation collectives to social finance forums.

Dove into the (new-to-me) world of business and startups – went from basics, to bootcamps, to pitching to investors

Connected with an incredible amount of entrepeneurs who are also do amazing things in the city

Failed – everything from personal writing disciplines to a social media grant competition, to launching a product on schedule.

Won 3rd in Toronto’s startup weekend competition (reputate) & winner in the ClimateSpark social venture challenge. (also won an Touchpad & a Google galaxy nexus, but that’s just stuff)

Began becoming more vegetarian, more fully present, and more fascinated by life than ever before

Can’t wait to tackle everything that 2012 holds.

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