10,000 days

After a bliss-filled reflective Father’s Day a couple months ago, I decided to take stock of my life and worked out that I have about 10,000 good working days left. Obviously, it’s an arbitrary number and not a hard science. I have no plans on ever retiring, nor dying for that matter. Who knows what […]

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You are a writer

Just finished Jeff Goins soon-to-be released book “You are a writer” And yes, I read this because I’ve been in hiding working on a book.  It’s almost done too.  Content is there, but pulling it together, cutting and editing has been making me hemorrhage .  More to be unveiled later. Goins does a great job addressing […]

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Do what other’s won’t

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unstash manifesto

It’s been a bit quiet here, but I’m still alive. The above image is a manifesto I wrote up for unstash. It’s received some great attention, but could use more. Please keep passing it around. I’m also working on a new writing project. More on that soon.

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What God said…

Since being commissioned out of Mosaic, our family has been taking the opportunity to explore what God might be doing in and through other communities of faith in the city. I love the above song/video by Anthony David that was aired during our most recent experience.  I’m thrilled that there are communities out there that […]

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that thing you do

via Chase Jarvis Your thoughts?

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Education that matters

I just saw this short documentary “Children Full of Life”, about a teacher, Toshiro Kanamori, and his fourth-grade class northwest of Tokyo. My wife is a teacher and I have massive respect for educators who are doing their job, but I have always found something stifling within our education system in the west. Volumes can […]

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Parting Words

This past weekend I was commissioned out of Mosaic (the community of faith I’ve been leading the past four years) and had the opportunity to share a parting message. Last words are often said too late, or in haste, so I thought I’d do something I’ve never done in my years of speaking, I actually […]

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