Rob Bell – Fit to Smash Ice

by Lon on November 11, 2011

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rob bell - fit to smash ice tour

Rob Bell’s latest tour (since resigning from Mars Hill) kicked off in Toronto today. It’s hard to explain what happened – it was like he sewed together a collection of random stories he had been aching to tell – and somehow made it work.

I’d rather not give the stories away, but here’s some quick notes:

The title ‘fit to smash ice’ comes from a comment made of Joshua Slocum’s boat which he had rebuilt from scratch and sailed around the world.

Overarching theme (maybe): who are you and what are you doing here?

The end is often the beginning

We hold things so tightly we can’t receive

Failure is not final

We’re all in a larger stream of God’s redemptive activity

You only get the next step forward (lamp vs. flashlight)

Sabbath is a time where we are busy being (rather than doing)

And story after story of failure, humiliation, and feeling small

You can find plenty more Rob Bell material here.


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