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When inspiration hits

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No, this isn’t another post about how brilliant Steve Jobs is.

What I’m wondering is what’s it to you?

It’s inspiring to hear about being ‘the rebel’, ‘the round peg in the square hole’, and ‘seeing things differently’, but how many people actually do something about it?

It’s so easy to think that because we’ve consumed an idea, we’ve done something about it.

Whether your inspiration is Steve Jobs, MLK Jr., Gandhi or Jesus himself – Is living vicariously through someone, really living? Does clicking ‘like’ on the fan page, retweeting the quote, or flaunting the logos, actually honor the inspiration that came?

Sometimes inspiration wells up to the point you can’t help but respond; a whole new world lights up, and you don’t want to take your next breath until you’ve acted.

However, most often inspiration is a distant reverence. You resonate with it for a moment. And then a tiny sliver of an idea creeps up hinting that maybe your life has something to do with this.

The moment of conception makes all the difference. Too often we discard these seemingly loose threads, and move on to the next idea that tickles us.

Ideas can change the world, but they almost always begin incredibly fragile. They are so easily dismissed. Especially the most beautiful of ideas, resistance loves to bury those immediately.

Inspiration can go as quickly as it comes, but if you can wrestle it down for just a moment and honestly consider it – this could be the idea that is yours to bring to life.

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