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The edge of glory

Lady Gaga Edge of Glory

Confession: There’s a Lady Gaga song I haven’t been able to get out of my head lately.

I read about the song first before hearing it. Mother Monster apparently shared that it was inspired by the death of grandfather and was about looking back at one’s life in the final moments – on the edge of glory.

I love the concept. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything really meaningful in the rest of the lyrics. However the catchy ’80s Springsteen feel of the song made up for it. On top of that it gave me something to mumble to my wife while I was feverishly sick all week… i’m on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, i’m on the edge of glory…

What fascinates me most is the idea of how while glory may await many of us, the extent of it’s beauty could be shaped by how we lived in this life.

Our time here is short. 100 years maybe? Life is such an astounding gift.

At the edge of glory I get the feeling we’ll be at an utter loss at why we wasted precious moments – criticizing, wallowing in disappointment, frustrated, living in fear, trying to be right, numbing ourselves, and letting opportunities pass. And we’ll wish with all our might that we embraced every bit of beauty and joy that came our way so much more.

The awesome thing is that it’s never rarely too late to start writing a better story for our lives.

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