May 2011

God’s Kryptonite

One of the defining characteristics I’ll hear Christians speaking of regarding their faith is that they worship a God of unconditional love and grace. Fantastic. And then they (including my past self) will say ‘salvation’ (heaven, eternity, life to the fullest, etc) is a gift of God … given by grace … it can’t be […]

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Raising support

About 5 years ago I handed in my resignation letter leaving behind a great corporate job for a life of uncertainty with the hope Since then I’ve wrapped up seminary, had two kids, sold our home, moved back in with my parents for a year, led a church plant, started a non-profit network, and am […]

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3… 2… 1… Apocalypse!

Harold Camping has made quite a splash recently with his latest doomsday prediction. It’s suppose to occur sometime before 6pm today – and that’s 6pm EST because that’s God’s favorite timezone of course. I wrote about being ‘left behind‘ a couple months ago – here’s some other great links as you prepare for the end. […]

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The creative life…

I hate being wrong, but this is so true. h/t Ivania

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The cost of war

While many are debating whether the killing of Osama Bin Laden was ‘wrong‘ or ‘good and healthy‘, I think it’s important for us to reflect on whether the journey of war that got us here was even worth it. Some highlights on the past 10 years: An initial blow to the economy of $40 billion […]

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9/11 – Mothers who found forgiveness

“Phyllis Rodriguez and Aicha el-Wafi have a powerful friendship born of unthinkable loss. Rodriguez’ son was killed in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001; el-Wafi’s son Zacarias Moussaoui was convicted of a role in those attacks and is serving a life sentence. In hoping to find peace, these two moms have come […]

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Thoughts on the pepsi refresh contest

About a week ago I asked everyone to vote for our team in the Canadian Pepsi Refresh Project contest. Unfortunately I’ve had to pull us out. A few thoughts for those of you who are interested in a review of the process and tips for those of you who plan to enter later on. There’s […]

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Celebrating murder

So Osama Bin Ladin is dead. But should we really celebrate murder? (ht: sam radford) I think all forms of evil ought to be stopped, but does this really end the cycle of violence?

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