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To family, friends, project partners, lurkers, and those who’ve tracked with us over the years, Thank you.

Your friendship, counsel, prayers and sheer efforts in joining us in our journey has been a great blessing to our family.

We’re at a stage where we’d like to ask you to possibly come a bit further.  We could use your financial support.

Right now I’m looking to transition myself from being a church-sponsored staff member to a community-supported missionary in the great city of Toronto.

While I’ll continue to help lead Mosaic (our experimental community of faith, love, and hope), we hope to help alleviate the financial burden at the church and open ourselves up to the wider community God has placed around us.

In addition to the work of ministering within a spiritual community, your much needed support would help

– sustain our growing family (which has been in the red month to month for quite some time now) as we seek the good of our neighborhood in the city

– coordination of respaces – a network for artists, advocates, and activists

– accelerate our new web platform for peer-to-peer collaborative consumption that a team of us are developing

– and of course the ongoing writing at SolarCrash.com.  Free copies of my book to all supporters as soon as it’s complete (You know I’ll be needing proof readers of course!)

We’ve made a number of simple ways you can financially support us.

Be a direct contributor
Be a donor with charitable tax-receipts
Be a catalyst investor in humanity3

Recurring contributions would preferred for a more relational and accountable model.  This would help us plan for a more steady stream of support, and limit the frequency I’ll need to spend time searching for funding each year.

Either way, please don’t feel obligated in any way to give (this isn’t for everybody and we know plenty of you could use support yourselves).  Give as you feel led, we’re already thankful and indebted to your friendship.


Direct Contributions

Straight up give. You can securely and directly make automated contributions via paypal and all major credit cards.

1. Recurring Donation Options

2. One-time donation amount


Catalyst Funder

This one is unique, important, and has a level of risk. 100% of this goes towards accelerating our venture and potentially making unique significant social impact in the city. If you’d like to make a serious investment of $2,500 or more as a catalyst in our initial round of funding towards our team as we develop a platform for collaborative consumption please message me.

Not quite comfortable making online transactions?
If paypal and credit card usage is not an option for you – contact me for direct snail mail information if you’d like to send a cheque, pledges, or any other alternative method of support.

Your contributions matter and we’re greatly appreciative. I’m look forward to reporting back with the ongoing progress with your continued support.

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