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Wanted: An opportunity to sacrifice

Here’s the flipside to the Mars Mission story… when news broke that the journey to Mars could only happen as a one-way trip, there were over 500 unsolicited requests to be a part of the crew.

“Students, soldiers, law enforcement officers, nurses, and space enthusiasts young and old wrote in, saying they’d be happy to leave their lives on Earth for the chance to be pioneers.”

Maybe people aren’t lazy and apathetic. Maybe we’ve just asked too little of them.

Maybe people intuitively know they have something to offer and are actually desperately looking for something worth giving their entire lives to.

Not all of us can in anyway realistically sacrifice life as we know it for a chance to go to Mars, but there is something thrilling about the adventure isn’t there?

Are there ways you are holding back opportunities to sacrifice from others?

Sacrifice is the material from which a more human future will be built.

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