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I need a doctor

I need a doctor - dr. dre & eminem

If you saw the 2011 53rd annual Grammys you may have caught a debut performance of I Need A Doctor in a medley with Rihanna, Eminem, Dr Dre, & Skylar Grey. “I need a doctor” is Dr. Dre’s single, but Eminem does the bulk of the lyrical work, while Skylar Gray does the chorus and Dre closes out the last few verses

A few things we can all learn from Eminem

Honor those who’ve made you who you are. Eminem is by far a bigger superstar than Dr. Dre is these days and yet Eminem makes this a tribute song to Dr. Dre. He raps about how he’d be nothing without Dre, who risked his career and believed in him when no one else did.

Giving credit where it’s due is rare these days. We all want to be self-made heroes, but the reality is that for many of us there were others who paved the way ahead of us.

Tell stories that are true of your life. This is typical with Eminem – openly declaring his own failure, neglect as a parent, and addictions is trademark with him. Despite admitting to being a physically abusive husband, his transparency earns him grace amid his flaws.

In “I need a doctor’, Eminem shares of how Dr. Dre seems to be struggling, possibly due to the loss of his son. He brings up Dr. Dre becoming indecisive, second guessing himself, having lost his way. It’s easy to sing and talk about ideas and concepts; revealing truth and brokenness is a whole other story.

Draw humanity out of people. The very best line of the entire song is when Eminem screams out “I demand you remember who you are“.

This statement is loaded, and I doubt many of us have ever uttered a phrase like this to another person. Eminem comes from a place of power and yet he cries in desperation for this broken ‘doctor’ to bring him back to life.

What would it look like if we actively drew the beauty out of others?

I’d like to insist on others being all they can be, but I’m afraid the only way I could say it with integrity is if I were trying as well. I could use a doctor…

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  • Alexandra April 13, 2011, 8:14 pm

    Hey I’m Alex. when you mentioned ‘i demand you remember who you are’ it reminds me today when me and my mom were in a seriously heated arguement. we were saying awful awful things like almost fighting like hillbillys. most of my anger comes from her not being the person i know she is/isn’t or could have been. i hate her and resent her because her mother neglected her and she does the same to me and is aggressive because of drugs. it may sound like a bunch of pissing and moaning but at one point i screamed so loud i just wish you were who you could have been. it haunts me because she never gets the hint i wish she was different- caring and not heartless (which she admits)
    but i’m going to be different- i’m going to go to college so i can support MYSELF and if i do have kids i won’t put drugs in front of them. never. and i will never be so greedy like her. lots of things in my mind are corrupt, i’m 18 and i feel like i’m into a deeper hole of confusion than most people in my school. (shoulda graduated last yr-graduating soon)
    eminem is a great influence because listening to him makes me feel like there are positive ways to release anguish and fear. peace love and harmony, Alex xoxo

    • Lon December 31, 2011, 11:03 pm

      Hi Alex – sorry I’m like a year late on this response. I must have missed it – and just happened to be reviewing my writing for the past year. I’m glad you found the post helpful – hope things are looking brighter for you lately

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