February 2011

Rob Bell: Love Wins ?

Heresy? Hope? Confusion? Truth? Clarity? okay really, this post was just for link juice from all the silly christians out there. Update: NY Times and Christianity Today weigh in on controversy HarperOne the publisher has moved the release date up to March 15th 2011 Update 2: RSVP at the facebook page as Rob Bell will […]

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I need a doctor

If you saw the 2011 53rd annual Grammys you may have caught a debut performance of I Need A Doctor in a medley with Rihanna, Eminem, Dr Dre, & Skylar Grey. “I need a doctor” is Dr. Dre’s single, but Eminem does the bulk of the lyrical work, while Skylar Gray does the chorus and […]

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The way back

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Gattaca – where genetically insufficient Vincent reveals how he defeats his genetically engineered brother Anton. Minimalist Monday thought: Regarding whatever project, initiative, goal you’re working on – what would it look like if you went all in, and saved nothing for the way back?

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Wanted: An opportunity to sacrifice

Here’s the flipside to the Mars Mission story… when news broke that the journey to Mars could only happen as a one-way trip, there were over 500 unsolicited requests to be a part of the crew. “Students, soldiers, law enforcement officers, nurses, and space enthusiasts young and old wrote in, saying they’d be happy to […]

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One way ticket

It turns out traveling to Mars isn’t as difficult as it once seemed. The bulk of the challenge and expenses (~ 80 percent) of a trip to Mars is the safe return home of the astronauts.  For the first time scientists and space agencies are considering cutting this part of the equation out. Estimates are […]

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You’ve been given something

Minimalist Monday thought: You’ve been given something, you’re suppose to give away. (Note: I saved this image years ago and I’d credit it if I knew where it was from – please claim)

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Human Sacrifice

Continuing the theme for my last three posts, my thoughts keep landing on the words ‘human sacrifice’. There’s a few ways of looking at this. It’s human to sacrifice. The most glorious human stories that we’re in awe of whether in film or real life, involves sacrifice. Man dives into on-coming traffic to save a […]

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Why I like twilight

For those of you in shock, I read the entire series a couple years ago and have already confessed this secret sin of mine. One primary reason for my fascination has a lot to do with my previous post on denying the essence of who you are for those whom you love. An underlying storyline […]

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