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The Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list?

ie. Things you need to do before you kick the bucket and leave this earth; Things you dream of achieving; The person you have visions of becoming; Hopes you have before this life is over.

Here’s the harder question. Are you any closer to realizing these dreams today than you were yesterday. Or will you honestly be any closer to making these goals and ambitions happen tomorrow?

I was speaking at a school yesterday and it occurred to me a beautiful thing school can be. Schools are places where we fuel the imaginations of young minds, where character is cultivated, and where children are equipped and then sent out.

Note they’re sent out. I’m not against life long learning in anyway, but we’re not suppose to stay in school forever. I think the same can apply for churches or any other learning environments we’re a part of. We’re to be sent out. Our ideas are suppose to matter.

I doubt anyone has ‘to sit around and think about things’ on their bucket list.

Our hopes and dreams inside are suppose to encounter the world outside.

Is your bucket list, just a wish list? Or do you actually plan on doing something about it?

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