January 2011

Free Fall

“Free Fall”—a creative 6-minute re-telling of Genesis 3 You can also check out ‘a thousand questions‘ also by prolifikfilms

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Good news about the resistance

The resistance makes every hope and good intention of ours drag its feet. You and I would be living in a far more beautiful world if it weren’t for all the ways the resistance defeats us. But there is some good news. Boundaries. Every hard limit we run up against in our pursuits helps us […]

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No Guarantees

A friend of mine passed away very abruptly this past Friday. (Right now I’m totally regretting on not making it out for coffee with her a couple days earlier) She was one of those people who battled resistance and accomplished far more in her life than most despite the odds against her. Did she accomplish […]

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9 Ways the resistance wins

There’s a statement in the Scriptures that has never left me. In the Book of James it speaks of how any of us who know the good we ought to do, but don’t, sin. We fail to live life well not only when we commit acts of evil and selfishness, but also when we abstain […]

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It’s debatable whether the ‘resistance‘ is with us from birth. When I look at my children, I’m reminded that kids make beauty without even knowing it. They’re not oppressed by the weight of what the world might think of them, they simply are. My daughter Gem blows bubbles and giggles to herself. My older daughter […]

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The Resistance

Most of us live two lives. The life we live, and the unlived lives within us. Between the two stands resistance. ~ Steven Pressfield in “the war of art” Resistance is that pervasive gap between all you hope for and the action required to seeing it through. I have no doubt there’s a wide spectrum […]

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This classic apple commercial is one of my favorite video clips ever. Inspiring eh? My issue: just because you you think or dream it can happen, doesn’t mean it will. How are those resolutions going for you? Or your bucket list? Odds are you’ve forgotten about them already because most resolutions don’t last a week. […]

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The Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? ie. Things you need to do before you kick the bucket and leave this earth; Things you dream of achieving; The person you have visions of becoming; Hopes you have before this life is over. Here’s the harder question. Are you any closer to realizing these dreams today than you […]

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