Fully human

I wrote in the past on ‘what if Christians were human‘ – I love Marlon Hall’s take in the video on being human and imagination and what gives him hope today.

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Ending Church

The Church exists by mission as fire exists by burning – Emil Brunner A while back my 3-year old daughter drew a picture on the whiteboard and turned to me exclaiming “Daddy look at my beautiful drawing!” I quickly said “Let’s go show mommy”, but before I could get her she wiped it away. I […]

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Rob Bell – Fit to Smash Ice

Rob Bell’s latest tour (since resigning from Mars Hill) kicked off in Toronto today. It’s hard to explain what happened – it was like he sewed together a collection of random stories he had been aching to tell – and somehow made it work. I’d rather not give the stories away, but here’s some quick […]

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When inspiration hits

original youtube link No, this isn’t another post about how brilliant Steve Jobs is. What I’m wondering is what’s it to you? It’s inspiring to hear about being ‘the rebel’, ‘the round peg in the square hole’, and ‘seeing things differently’, but how many people actually do something about it? It’s so easy to think […]

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TEDxToronto video on our city

TEDxToronto is on again right now with a great video highlighting the great city of Toronto.

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This is your life


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Burning Platform

Speaking of burning, earlier this year there was a leaked internal memo by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop that has never left me. He begins it with a story, There is a pertinent story about a man who was working on an oil platform in the North Sea. He woke up one night from a loud […]

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Burn the boats

At a meetup of entrepreneurs in the city yesterday I was introduced to the phrase ‘burn the boats’. It’s a similar concept to my favorite scene in Gattaca Legend has it that when Cortes landed in Mexico in the 1500s, he ordered his men to burn the ships that had brought them there to remove […]

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