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Solar Crash 2010 highlights

Things have been very quiet here lately, but I plan on posting with a vengeance in 2011.

As for now, here are some noteworthy posts from 2010 (some of them are because of the great discussion in the comments)

On beauty & brokenness

Why beauty matters
Beauty is universal
Obviously broken
Everything is broken
When we long for death
Broke beyond repair
Where beauty & brokenness meet
The water broke and beauty flowed (the birth of my 2nd daughter, thinking back I’m not sure my wife would describe Gem as flowing out)

On Creativity

Fringe benefits of failure
The road to hell is paved
How do you repeat the extraordinary?
Why change is hard
The pack is separating

On Faith

Letter to the church of North America – 8th letter initiative
What if Christians were humans?
If you need to call it ‘christian’ it probably isn’t
Not like me (Interview with Eric Bryant and his book I’m a contributor in)
Can I get a witness? – Why people twitter
Sacred in the ordinary

On Haiti

Stop donating to Haiti
Before it was cool
Haiti – Broken | Beautiful

On the City and Urban living

God’s bias for the city
Why the city matters
Why the city can kill you
Why Toronto matters – my city – you should move here if you’re not here already

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