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Content & Connecting

On Content.

I’ve been a bad blogger this year. I’ve got a well of content still brimming up in me, but I haven’t had the discipline to get it all out yet (I partly blame this one)

The other reason is that like much of my real life, my online content is quite scattered, and will probably remain that way. For the stalkers and those who care, here’s a breakdown.

SolarCrash.com – This will remain my primary blog on church, creativity, and culture – particularly in Toronto.
One Life – Is my personal blog mostly on food, fatherhood, and fotos…
Twitter – Contextless remarks that hopefully stimulate further conversation
Facebook – I’m not that active on FB, but I love it for discovering mutual friends
Mosaic Blogs – You can find some biblical reflections here – though not all content here is mine.
Seminary Stuff – Under archives->seminary on solarcrash.com I’ve decided to start posting all my notes / papers from my seminary days. I figure it might be helpful to some.
delicious – I actually keep quite an active index of bookmarks of just about anything I find awesome here.
halfbaked – is an automated blog that aggregates much of the above content – though sometimes it’s a bit flaky.

And I’m in the midst of starting a new blog. I’ve got a massive amount of things I’d like to explore on Sustainability in urban contexts. I’m looking for a writing team on this one. My particular emphasis will be on collaborative consumption as it ties into the web startup I’m working on (which btw if you know of php, iphone, or android developers – please send them my way, seriously!!).

On Connecting.
Believe me I love the internet, but what I love more is for things to translate into real life connections.

One statement that has been echoing in me the past number of weeks

Our desire for change and our inability to collaborate enrages me.

Here’s what I’m passionate about at a gut level right now.

– Creating a social enterprise that will alter the way we share and consumer forever.
– Experimental ways the church can re-join God and humanity once again
– Inter-faith dialog
– Leveraging creativity, community, & causes in Toronto ie. respaces.org
– Ideas that matter.

If any of this interests you, leave a comment or drop me a note. I’d love to connect and collaborate.

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  • Johnny Laird October 19, 2010, 4:44 pm

    Hey Lon!

    I’m here!


    • Lon October 20, 2010, 10:03 am

      awesome Johnny – sending you a note in a moment.

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