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I’ll be posting notes and papers I’ve written up during my time at Tyndale Seminary

Some of these go back to 2002 and may not exactly reflect my current views but I thought i’d share them here anyways for the record and if should help anyone at all.

Because most of these papers were originally written via Microsoft Word the footnotes haven’t translated well to a blog post.  Feel free to inquire if you want more details for citations that aren’t showing up.

** Many more to be posted soon!

YMIN 0693 Evangelism & Discipleship in the contemporary world
Review: An Unstoppable Force by Erwin McManus
Reflection: Theory of Multiple Intelligences

MISS 0787 Urban Ministry I (Rick Tobias)
Reflection on Urban Issues in the Letter of James

MISS 0788 Urban Ministry II (Rick Tobias)

LEAD 0510 Leadership Development
Philosophy of Leadership

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