September 2010

Vox Toronto

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If you’ve been to any of my past SolarCrash Events,  you’ll love what’s going down with Vox Toronto. If you’re in Toronto this Thursday evening, drop by Tranzac for a night to highlight creativity, humanity and social causes – specifically Habitat for Humanity Toronto and the crisis in Pakistan.  FB event link. The evening will be […]

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A letter to the Church of North America

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Some friends of mine are running an event called the eighth letter. In the spirit of the Book of Revelation they’ve asked people to share letters addressed to the church of north america today. I’m too late for their contest – but I noticed a synchroblog going on where others are joining in and I […]

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The pack is separating…

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I’m sure you feel it too. Back when we were all in school the divide didn’t seem so vast. We thought we were cut from the same cloth. But then came the different income brackets, conversion experiences, marriages, and relocations… and now our lives look nothing alike. It’s easy to just shrug and say things […]

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This is your world…

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What do you think? Is this overly optimistic? Can any one of us really make a difference? Won’t fate, or God, or powers of the universe just take things where it wants to go anyways? Do you feel like this is really your world? Do you feel like you have an active part in shaping […]

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If you need to call it ‘Christian’, it probably isn’t.

I’m not against labels. In a increasingly complex world we need systems and categories to organize life. But who exactly does the Christian prefix help? Does it help Christians make decisions to become more like Jesus? ‘Oh it’s Christian, then it must be okay’ Or does it cause them to outsource their own ability to […]

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