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The Art of Choosing

Another fascinating talk out of TED – Sheena Iyengar shares about her research on how we make choices.

I had a fascinating discussion today with a Caucasian family that’s spend the last decade in Japan.

The never-ending bootcamp form of child development and education in Asia seems like torture to my Asian-yet-overly-western-shaped mind. How do children live with such stifling routines there? Where’s the fun? What about open-ended creativity?watch full All Eyez on Me movie online

Iyengar sheds light on the potential for beauty and happiness without being inundated with the choices and ‘freedoms’ I tend to value so much.

What good is creativity without the discipline to see it into reality? What good is an infinite number of choices when we’re crippled by them? If choice isn’t the secret to finding joy in all circumstances, what is?

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