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Unnecessary Work

This is my 800th post. Yes, I was surprised as well. But it’s amazing how far a bit of consistency over time will take you.

Like all things, blogging isn’t for everyone. I’m sure there are some good reasons, however I find there are far too many people that I greatly admire who refuse to put their thoughts in print.

Some say print is too static and their thoughts are always in progress, or singular posts are too defining, or that it would bring unnecessary critique when they prefer their actions to speak… and after 800 posts I have the same concerns.

So why spend time doing something so seemingly unnecessary 800 times?

For myself, it’s simply because it matters. It matters that I have a discipline of reflection. It matters that I do the work of processing my thoughts and putting it out in the open. It matters to me when someone finds value in a story, a sentence, or an insight.

What are some things that matter that you would do 800 times over? Watching your favorite television show or eating bacon doesn’t count (although I’d love to know if you’ve managed to make a craft of it).

Is there something that may seem completely unnecessary that matters to you? Is there work that you do that you may not get paid for at all? Is there art that you do that you’re not obligated to create? And yet you commit to doing it anyways?

Sometimes it’s the most unnecessary work, that matters the most.

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  • Johnny Laird May 4, 2010, 5:44 am

    Fabulous effort, Lon! Well done on reaching 800, bud.

    Glad I discovered Solar Crash!

    Grace & peace


    • Lon May 10, 2010, 10:37 am

      Thanks Johnny – you’re churning out quite a number yourself!

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