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Beauty & brokenness meet

There is this odd scene near the end of the Gospel of Mark.

There’s an innocent man nailed upon a wooden cross.  Jesus hangs in excruciating pain and while gasping for air he utters one final desperate cry of divine abandonment.

And it’s at this moment, that a roman centurion who has been looking upon the broken, and now lifeless, body of Christ confesses “Sure, this was the Son of God”.

What’s noteworthy is that this roman centurion finally sees beauty and encounters God in the most tragic of moments.  It wasn’t through Christ’s incredible life teachings or good works or even miraculous healings, it was in the most brutal and wretched moment of the life of Christ.

What’s even more intriguing is that this is pre-resurrection.

There’s no sign of victory or hope here, yet the Scriptures record that one man saw something more here.

I know the resurrection is right around the corner, but before we get there, can we see for a moment what the Centurion saw?

We love telling our stories of brokenness after we’ve patched ourselves up.  We love to speak of ‘overcoming’ and of ‘victorious living’.  But maybe we don’t have to wait for that to see beauty.

We have so many trite statements that falsely say ‘everything will be ok’.  The truth is many of us will live stories in our lives that don’t end well.

I take solace in knowing that even in our most agonizing moments, while we may not see it ourselves, beauty can somehow be in our midst.

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