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It’s been absolutely crazy and wondrous times lately. I plan on posting much more soon.  Some quick updates on our end.

  • Gem is doing well.  Either she’s a tad easier or we’ve toughened up along the way.
  • Stellar is an awesome nurturing big sister.  Raising her has become far more joyous as well as challenging.
  • Yvonne is recovering better than the time last time around.  She’s looking forward to making the most of this season.
  • Being up at odd hours in the night has me contemplating life and wanting to redesign it a bit.
  • Tweaked this site a bit so that it’s a bit snappier and added some social elements (let me know what you think)
  • Join dropbox.  It’s made my life with multiple devices far less head-achy.
  • The Solar Crash event was fascinating.  Join the facebook page & check out some photos.  The next event is already percolating and will be fairly different.  Message me if you’d like to help.
  • I’ve read a number of solid books lately – Hugh Macleod’s Ignore Everybody, Seth Godin’s Linchpin, Samir Selmanovic’s It’s really about God, David Bayles Art & Fear.  I’m also reading and jazzed about 37signals rework – bought a few copies for my team as well.
  • I’m be returning to the speaking schedule in a month.  I’ve got a couple of great series cooking up.
  • Sensing rumblings in the city of Toronto… can’t wait to see what unfolds.
  • This is going to be a do or die year for a few of my projects.
  • We’ll be moving down the street to my childhood home soon.
  • I’m looking towards writing a lot more consistently – chime in if you’ve got suggested topics.

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    • tim April 28, 2010, 4:51 am

      this is a pretty cute photo… your daughters look like, and are a blessing.
      …..i mean…the older one is holding the younger’s hand! *squeal*

      for a potential writing topic, i’d like to hear your thoughts about this post by Matt: http://www.thechurchofnopeople.com/2010/02/love-month-how-much-does-a-christian-cost/

      specifically, the point where he sort of talks about the cost of winning a soul for Christ in terms of the cost of an outreach. i know you can’t really put a cost on it, but on a physical sheet of paper if you look at a budget and costs and then the results of an outreach, its kind of thought provoking if you know what i mean.

      if church were a business and you want the biggest ROE, well-off financially sound churches may as well be funding only 3rd world churches in a sense.

      • Lon May 3, 2010, 8:32 pm

        Hey Tim, thanks for the comment – I’ll definitely put it in the queue!

    • Tim Heerebout May 5, 2010, 8:10 am

      Lon – realy glad to hear how things are going well. Of course, count me in for anything you need with Solar Crash. Also, I’m reading Lynchipin and enjoying it. I think you’re reminded me to blog about it this morning.

      • Lon May 10, 2010, 10:39 am

        Tim – you’re a total linchpin bro.

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