February 2010

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada To Americans

canada is america's hat

Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans during an NBC Vancouver 2010 Olympic broadcast with Al Michaels. HT: Jeff Smyth Which also brings back memories of the Molson Canadian beer commercial btw, after much hype of how Canada was going to spank the USA in the winter olympic preliminary hockey game, I’m not sure what’s more […]

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A new kind of Christianity

brian mclaren book - new kind of christianity

I recently finished Brian Mclaren‘s latest “A new kind of Christianity“. I recall Mclaren’s earlier book that became a trilogy – a new kind of christian – being banned in many churches.  I get the sense that a lot of concepts or challenges presented in that book have since shaped many churches, even if indirectly. […]

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Why the city can kill you

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Continuing the last few posts on “God’s bias for the city”, “why cities matter” and “why Toronto matters“; much of what makes cities great is also what makes cities dark and depressing. Cities amplify the best, but also the very worst, of humanity. City centers are fueled by individual self-interest.  Everybody goes to the city […]

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Why Toronto Matters

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Continuing my last couple posts on “God’s bias for the city” and “why cities matter” some thoughts on why the City of Toronto matters. Toronto is the most ethnically and culturally diverse urban area on planet earth. Half of its citizens are visible minorities. You can find glimpses of the entire world in one city.  […]

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