January 2010

Why the city matters

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As a follow up to the previous post God’s bias for the city, here’s some thoughts on why the cities are strategic to anyone who wants to make a global impact. Cities are both magnets and magnifiers.  People from surrounding areas are drawn in and everything they do is amplified and ripples back out. Increased density […]

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God’s bias for the City

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Photo by Diez Just as God has a clear bias towards the poor, the scriptures also reveal that God’s heart leans towards the city. From Genesis God calls for humanity to be fruitful and multiply. Not simply to reproduce (otherwise Jesus would’ve done a terrible job with this mandate), but to cultivate life in the […]

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Seth Godin – Why things are broken

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Before it was cool…

Just to follow up on my last post “Stop donating to Haiti?” which received quite a number of hits – my very general take is to go ahead and exercise your god given wisdom, but don’t let any amount of theorizing stop you from giving when it’s in your heart to do so. I wanted […]

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Stop donating to Haiti?

Photo by LOGAN ABASSI/AFP/Getty Images) I haven’t asked for permission yet, so I’m posting the below comments anonymously. It’s by someone who’s worked in disaster relief for a number of years. Dear Friends, We have all seen the terrible news that is happening in Haiti especially in the capital of Port au Prince. What I […]

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More than 130,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this Great Recession. Lemonade is about what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives. You can watch the whole thing online for free until tomorrow by subscribing. HT: Cruciformity

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How do you repeat the extraordinary?

Continuing yesterday’s post “What have you done for me lately” Whether you’re a leader, an artist, or an every day working person – after basking in the glow of doing something extraordinary, the inevitable question always starts to cloud over – “How will I ever top this?” How can you possibly win gold again?  How […]

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What have you done for me lately?

A friend was recently commenting on how Eminem sucks now because his latest releases have been garbage and nothing has ever compared to his second album. While it’s debatable by some whether Eminem’s work is ‘art’, it bothers me when we treat people like products. What we produce is a part of who we are, […]

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