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Blogging for Dollars

money-toilet-paper-roll-250Friends ask me all the time about making money blogging.

First off I don’t blog in order to make money, it’s something I do anyways, much like using toilet paper.

Second of all, I’m a far cry from an A-list blogger and suffer from bouts of inconsistency like the bulk of bloggers out there.

I’ve been with Google Adsense for a number of years and I’m thankful that they’ve helped pay for my hosting bills but I’ll be transitioning from them soon.

Adsense is great if you’re just starting out as it’s all automated and the ads are contextual (although they could work on their algorithms – they keep serving up banners for “Sexy Christian Singles” on my site – ‘sexy’ i can understand, but ‘single’ I definitely am not)

has also provided some healthy additional revenue. You really need to have a google pagerank of at least 3 and some decent traffic to get accepted as a publisher. If you do, I’d definitely recommend them as they’re fairly unobtrusive.

Sponsors and Affiliates is the route I’d like to begin moving the site more towards.

Primarily because I think it would make the site cleaner and I could partner with individuals and organizations that I feel more aligned with. If you or your organization would like to advertise here contact me and I can send you the current rate sheet.

You can also generate income through affiliate fees. I’d recommend advertising ones you’ve actually used and feel would add value. There’s no perfect host out there, but Site5 has been where several sites I run are hosted. Thesis is an SEO optimized flexible theme that powers SolarCrash is also a phenomenal product with a great affiliate program.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

If you’re interested in getting your own blog going, designed, connected, and monetized I’ve recently began doing some work through humanity3.com. ‘ministry’ isn’t exactly flooding me with cash lately, so I’m hoping some freelance work compensates a bit.

So there’s you go, that’s how I keep this site afloat while paying some bills.

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  • A_L November 5, 2009, 5:27 pm

    "First off I don’t blog in order to make money, it’s something I do anyways, much like using toilet paper. "
    So, you blog as a means of removing the crap that would otherwise be still attached? Eeewww!
    But perhaps true for some of us.

  • lon November 6, 2009, 4:40 pm

    hrm, yes, a bit gross. i wasn't trying to connect it with the photo… but i guess that didn't work out so well!

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