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What is Solar Crash

sun crashing downFor those of you who are new to the site, a bit on what Solar Crash is.

Some of you might know it as an event that occasionally emerges  in Toronto, and others simply as “Lon’s blog”, but when I grabbed the domain solarcrash.com the name was loaded with meaning for me.

SOLAR refers to the sun.  We hear of it most often in connection with solar panels.  (I get tons of hits here on people looking into when there might be a solar energy stock market crash).  I liked the solar panel reference because there’s a sense of not simply soaking and absorbing an endless supply of light but its energy is channeled for something useful.

Solar also invokes an image of the the stars or the heavenly realm.  There is something infinite, mysterious, and divine that surrounds us even though we may not be able to tangibly touch it.

CRASH is an analogy I got from Erwin McManus six years ago.  He talked about how a group of rhinos is called a crash.  Even though rhinos can’t see very far with all their speed and weight they make a massive impact wherever they go together, much like the church ought to.

Crashes are never clean.  The image of crash carries with it brokenness, sacrifice, and very intimate contact.  A crash ruptures the status quo.

SOLARCRASH brings together the incoming reality of the heavens crashing down on earth.  It’s not simply a joining or a handshake, but something much more chaotic, and I’d say more beautiful.  It’s where uncontainable hope and oppression meet.  It’s where the way things are, and the way things ought to be, find a way to become friends.  It’s a glimpse of good news, everywhere you look.

My hope that this is a site that speaks to human beings at the deepest levels.  Those of faith, without, and everyone in between.

I hope to continually blur the lines between the sacred and the secular (The only difference being that the secular doesn’t quite realize it’s sacred, yet).

Friends and other like-hearted individuals are also invited to share their thoughts here (let me know if you’re interested).  For the most part right now, much of the content will be shaped by my own life and story, which has its limitations.

I am the son of an immigrant blue-collar chinese family, engineer by training, who went from working in the IT industry of corporate America to leading a local church.  I’ve been blessed with a beautiful wife and child along the journey, and a growing passion for fresh expressions of church, community development, creativity, technology, and the city.

If you’re still interested you can continue following along on this website or get the latest by subscribing via the RSS feed or email to get the latest posts delivered to your inbox.

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