Vision over visibility

by Lon on September 29, 2009

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dark train lights

Photo Credit: paolomargari

Since my last post about U2’s song “moment of surrender”, there’s been a number of verses that provoke me, but the line “vision over visibility” has really stuck with me.

Is there something that you see, that others can’t?  A vision, a reality of what could be, that others don’t seem to ‘get’?

It looks dark and murky but you’ve got this strong gut-level hunch it’s a direction you ought to be going in?

Please keeping moving forward. 

Seize it, for the love of God.  Do something about it.

We’ll always be working in low-visibility, but vision doesn’t always come.

Take a hold of it and make it into a reality.  We need you to help us see it.  Our world is filled with too many people with eyes wide shut, working merely with the visible.

That statue waiting to be carved out of that stone block; that word of truth or encouragement that no one else can quite articulate the way you do; that service your community or city desperately needs but knows how to go about it… we need you to help us see the invisible.

Because if you don’t, it might slip away.  And worst yet, it might be lost to humanity forever.


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