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Vision over visibility

Photo Credit: paolomargari

Since my last post about U2’s song “moment of surrender”, there’s been a number of verses that provoke me, but the line “vision over visibility” has really stuck with me.

Is there something that you see, that others can’t?  A vision, a reality of what could be, that others don’t seem to ‘get’?

It looks dark and murky but you’ve got this strong gut-level hunch it’s a direction you ought to be going in?

Please keeping moving forward. 

Seize it, for the love of God.  Do something about it.

We’ll always be working in low-visibility, but vision doesn’t always come.

Take a hold of it and make it into a reality.  We need you to help us see it.  Our world is filled with too many people with eyes wide shut, working merely with the visible.

That statue waiting to be carved out of that stone block; that word of truth or encouragement that no one else can quite articulate the way you do; that service your community or city desperately needs but knows how to go about it… we need you to help us see the invisible.

Because if you don’t, it might slip away.  And worst yet, it might be lost to humanity forever.

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  • Weewian September 29, 2009, 11:04 pm

    Hey Lon,

    Great post. I totally agree that unused dreams are wasted potential. The world could definitely use more people with the ability to see beyond the present.

    That said, there's something to be said about waiting on God's timing. Just because we have an idea doesn't mean that it's time to implement it.

    I have this arts + faith idea/dream that's been in the back of my mind for a few years now, and I've been collected related resources to support it. But the timing was never right, and I began to pray that if God wanted this to happen, that He would stir in the hearts of others. I haven't shared this idea with anyone.

    Just a few weeks ago, I made a new friend at church and we ended up sharing about what God's been doing in our lives – turns out she's been thinking of doing something very similar to my idea. Hearing the same thoughts I've been having, from someone else's lips, seems to confirm that God is on the move, and that we're simply invited to join Him.

    Your interest in the arts has also served as confirmation for me about where God is taking the Church, and so the question is, how and when does He want us to become involved?

  • A_L September 30, 2009, 4:09 am

    Thanks, Lon. Excellent insight. Although many people may ultimately see the dream as it is unfolded, that isn't the case at the beginning. It takes the initial dreamer with stardust in his eyes to form those castles out of nothing for the rest of us to catch a glimpse and come on board. "we need you to help us see the invisible."
    Weewian, good point. The dream may need to ferment and germinate in your spirit before God knows you are ready to let loose. It's such an awesome time when you know God is releasing you to let it out, to start gathering some more support.
    You go, girl!!! (I just knew I had to say that, but had to check out to see if, indeed, you are female!!)
    "God is on the move, and that we're simply invited to join Him. " I love that! The helps relieve some of the pressure to perform.
    The dream is His, He chooses to share it with a few choice people that He knows He can trust. So, when the moment of release comes, you know it is safe to begin to move with God.

  • lon September 30, 2009, 8:15 pm

    I hear you Weewian – and we're definitely not suppose to move on every 'hunch' at all either. i still side with really exploring the little inklings or promptings that come up, i think most of us have gotten too use to ignore it, and a flood of people need to start tuning in to what God is saying much more so…

    your arts+faith idea.. let's keep talking! tell me more, i haven't heard from you in ages – I don't know if i have answers to your questions – but let's start exploring!

  • lon September 30, 2009, 8:16 pm

    wise words and encouragement as always Al!

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