September 2009

Vision over visibility

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Photo Credit: paolomargari Since my last post about U2’s song “moment of surrender”, there’s been a number of verses that provoke me, but the line “vision over visibility” has really stuck with me. Is there something that you see, that others can’t?  A vision, a reality of what could be, that others don’t seem to […]

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We set ourselves on fire…

“Moment of Surrender” is definitely one of the standout tracks from the latest album.  A lot of U2’s recent material seems a bit unfinished and uneven to me, but this one’s just about there.  I love the way the vocals kick in, and there’s lots of great lyrics to chew on.  I’ll just post the […]

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To talk like this, and act like that

Without a doubt my favorite U2 album of all time remains Achtung Baby. It’s gritty layers went really well with my early teenage angst years. A completely underrated song in the Album is Acrobat. Here’s a snippet: No, nothing makes sense Nothing seems to fit I know you’d hit out If you only knew who […]

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Did You Know 4.0

The latest from the shift happens folks. With much more of a technology and social media bent. What do you think?

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Small men with big ideas

Since the U2 concert last week I’ve been revisiting my love of music in general.  I haven’t really listened to the radio in years, and have opted for books and talks during my winding down time.  While I still find it hard to sit down and do nothing but listen to music, there’s still something […]

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U2 Amazing Grace

I took my wife to her first U2 concert yesterday. (Confession: Our last concert together was Bon Jovi – filled with 40 year old women in jeans and bandannas – someone gave us free tickets). U2 rocked the house. I find there’s a phenomenal number of Christians who love U2. My excuse is I was […]

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Suspended Space

What do you think?

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Drop Like Stars – Book Review

Rob Bell’s latest book Drop Like Stars explores the relationship between creativity and suffering. If you’re familiar with Bell’s sermons, tours, and previous works, it won’t be phenomenally new content.  In fact, the book almost stands in defiance of content, as I’m guessing if all the text was put into a Word document it’d be […]

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