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Broken III – Collective

Some commentary regarding my last two posts, Repulsive and Captive.

My wife told me I should have included the credits to the posts, but was completely disturbed when she realized it was my own writing.  It still makes me gag a bit when I read it.  Let me do some explaining.

First off it was just an exercise in creative fiction – which I find can often convey truth far better than the ‘facts’.

I originally wanted this post to simply be a re-post of the previous entries with pop-up commentary, but that’s proving too complicated at the moment.

Without breaking it down word by word, I wanted you to reflect on the most inhumane act you could imagine – rape, genocide, pedophilia, etc.  Hopefully the mere thoughts are as revolting to you as it is to me.

And maybe we’re each not so far off from the most abominable acts.  The tiniest mis-wiring of the brain?  Being born into a different time and place?  A passion gone awry?

Maybe you and I commit crimes against humanity every single day.  Especially in our pursuits of happiness.  ie. self-induced obesity – America spends $35 billion dollars a year on weight loss programs when half of the human population is starving on $2 a day.

Why is it that I know the technical specs on an iphone that I don’t own, or the average driving distance of tiger woods a man i’ve never met, and yet had to look up just now that 24.5 million people are dying of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Could the way we’re destroying the earth and depleting it’s resources be a form of stealing our children’s innocence?  Oh, check out this post a while back on preaching and rape.

Maybe if you looked closely at the cracks in me, you’d find them leading back to you?

That’s all for now, you can try and decipher the rest yourself.

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