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Peter Rollins Talks & Downloads

Peter Rollins has been the latest provoking button pusher for me.  He looks and talks like a complete drunk on redbull, but he’s got some profound thoughts.  I don’t know if this list of resources will grow as large as my Rob Bell listing, but here we go.

Here’s his wikipedia bio

Peter Rollins (born Belfast, 31st March 1973) is the founder and co-ordinator of the experimental collective Ikon. Ikon describes itself as iconic, apocalyptic, heretical, emerging and failing and engages in what it calls theodrama and ‘transformance art’.

Rollins is also a freelance philosophy lecturer, public speaker and writer who specialises in various aspects of continental philosophy, phenomenology and emerging church theology. He is currently a research associate with Trinity College Dublin.

Notes and Articles
Adam Moore’s notes from Peter Rollins sessions at Poets, Prophets and Preachers part 1 and 2
Best collection of notes from Peter Rollins’ minnekon gathering 2008
Wittenburg door interviews Rollins
Rollins Interview with Christian Century

Audio Messages

Peter Rollins on the Paulinian Cut / download mp3 here
Peter Rollins insurrection tour at revolution nyc

A series of clips of Peter Rollins on sermoncloud
Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, and Pete Rollins Panel Discussion part 1 and part 2
Peter Rollins Advent reflection sermon
4 talks by Peter Rollins
at the Emergent mid-atlantic conference (Link currently down)
Lecture on How (not) to speak of God by the living room here
Sermon on adult formation at St. Mark’s here
2nd Sermon at St. Mark’s here
Talks at Greenbelt Festival
Lecture at Irish School of Ecumenics


Videos of Rollins by Work of the People

Peter Rollins at Calvin College explaining the emergent church
Peter Rollins on Deux ex Machina

Peter Rollins narrating ‘the rapture’

Official books and sites
Peter Rollins blog / Twitter
Ikon Community

Official insurrection tour site

How (not) to speak of God
Fidelity of Betrayal
Orthodox Heretic

Let me know if you find other good links. Enjoy!

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