July 2009

Can the church regain it’s glow?

A couple weeks ago I preached a message working through Van Gogh’s art and the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God. It was a really fun one, partly inspired by this book. My favorite bit was on Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. Van Gogh was really intentional with his colors using blue for mystery […]

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Peter Rollins Talks & Downloads

Peter Rollins has been the latest provoking button pusher for me.  He looks and talks like a complete drunk on redbull, but he’s got some profound thoughts.  I don’t know if this list of resources will grow as large as my Rob Bell listing, but here we go. Here’s his wikipedia bio Peter Rollins (born […]

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Sharing Christ in the free world

If sharing Christ is a matter of communicating information, then Christians are in a lot of trouble. It still boggles my mind that pastors can spend 30+ hours preparing for to articulate a half hour message each week. I’m positive that no one wants to die simply knowing a lot of stuff, yet so many […]

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If you can’t beat ‘the man’, you’ll beat your momma

I’m all for disrupting the status quo, but what is it in us that seems to need to rebel against those closest to us? Like the teenager that finds herself powerless to change the system, and lives in defiance to her parents; a new order of Christians seem overly hell-bent on undermining the institutional church…  […]

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Free thesis framework giveaway

I’ve got one free Thesis Framework license ($87 usd value) to give away. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a highly flexible and SEO (search engine optimized) wordpress framework / theme that helps power SolarCrash. I’ve already got a ‘developers’ license, so one lucky reader can also benefit from all that Thesis has […]

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Poets prophets preachers – Recap

* Update – Poets, prophets, preachers is available for download at robbell.com Also see my rob bell messages & videos page for more Wifi was severely limited Limited at the conference so no live blogging – plus I didn’t bring my laptop around with me for the first time in my life… the iPod touch […]

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Help wanted…

Photo by liminalmike This is my annual call for help with projects I’m working on. Artists – music, spoken word, drama, dance, visual arts, writing, sculpting, fashion, AV, graphic design, experience design, other random interesting talents, etc. Leaders – creative folks with a love for the city of Toronto and a passion to see goodness […]

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