June 2009

Poets, Prophets, & Preachers

A seminar for teachers, preachers, speakers, leaders and pastors serious about reclaiming the art of the sermon. I’m really not big on conferences at all.  But I’ll be at this one. I’ve got someone looking to share half a ticket with (one registration gets two people in). Let me know ASAP if you’ve got one […]

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Befriending our Gay Neighbours – Synchroblog

Photo by jk5854 Bridging the Gap invited me to do join their syncho-blog today as they’ve gathered over 60 Christ-followers, both gay and straight, to break open conversations on christianity and homosexuality. Wendy of New Direction writes a great introduction The culture wars surrounding the topic of homosexuality have sucked up tremendous resources, have left […]

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One size fits all?

Joe Manafo just sent me the documentary he made with Nathan Colquhoun, called One Size Fits All? What is God doing on the fringes of Canadian culture? Flying under the radar of pop-Christianity, experimental churches are quietly establishing genuine Kingdom outposts in settings both feared and forgotten. ‘One Size Fits All?’ uncovers the obscure story […]

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What about Norway?

In my earlier post on the demise of Europe (as we know it) and the related video, there have been a number of comments regarding how it’s due to us turning our backs on God. My friend Veemak just sent me this below cartoon. Click it to enlarge. What do you think?

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A city that thinks like the web

View more Microsoft Word documents from Mark Surman. I participated in Government 2.0 online last year, but just got around to going through this talk by Mark Surman of Mozilla. He offers a great primer on technology and how the open source movement relates to civic engagement. My favorite insight was towards the end where […]

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Project SWAP

Project SWAP is happening this Saturday rain or shine. S.W.A.P. – Shopping with a Purpose is a charity garage sale with a twist. Food, fashion shows, music, and friends! With all proceeds going to Youth Without Shelter. RSVP Here. What creative ideas have you come across that integrate arts and justice in an event?

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Do entrepreneurs change the world?

Grasshopper.com did a great job with their recent marketing campaign using social media. They created the above video, while a bit cliche, I thought it was nicely done. The video works because its message rings true of the human spirit. We’re all summoned to create, risk, lead, and change, at least in some area in […]

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Flickering Pixels

I’ve always been an advocate of integrating faith and technology , but after reading Shane Hipps Flickering Pixels, I definitely need to re-evaluate. Hipps suggests that technology has already shaped our faith and the way we see the world more than we realize.  He borrows a lot from Marshall McLuhan’s theory that “We shape our […]

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