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SolarCrash Theme

I think I’ve been sporting this theme for two years now, and plan on transitioning to something new in the coming week.

I was archiving it just in case, and figured I’d also post the wordpress theme here for anyone who’d like to use it or tweak it.

I’m calling it pomocrash – as the bulk of the work was done by Adam of pomomusings.com

I adapted it by adding technically a third widgetized sidebar above the two column sidebars, removing some of the icons so it’s a bit quicker, taking out some of the shading for a cleaner look, and some slight font adjustments in the template.

There’s a psd file that you can use to edit the header if you’d like.  I’d also recommend installing ‘subscribe to comments‘ and ‘twitter-tools‘ plugins for starters.  The random photos on the sidebar is through a flickr badge inserted as a widget.

You can download here

Hope this helps, feel free to let me know if you’ve got questions.

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