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Q&A on SolarCrash with Dinno Rizzo for his Servolution Book Blog Tour

Dino what are your thoughts on inviting those who have yet to stumble into Jesus to serve along side of us?  And what are some good ways of doing so without it being too weird as our intentions in serving may not entirely overlap?

Thanks for being a part of the Servolution Blog Tour.  And what a great question, Lon!  I’m all for it.  One of the greatest ways to show people what the love of Jesus is all about is to have them be a part of an outreach.

If someone wants to serve alongside you in an outreach, there’s a good chance they’re already curious about something they’ve seen in you.  Sure, there’s a chance their purpose isn’t the same as yours, but I’d guess the root of their intentions is to find out what in the world is making these people want to get out on a hot day and give away free bottles of water – no strings attached.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t use wisdom – don’t put someone you don’t know in charge of children’s church.

Leadership carries with it a different requirement than simply joining you on an outreach.  But by all means, I’d encourage you to take people with you on an outreach who haven’t made the decision to follow Christ yet.  It just might be what draws them all the way across the line.

What are your thoughts on Dino’s comments?

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  • Al May 14, 2009, 11:19 am

    People have different concepts of outreach. For some it may only be preaching at the unsuspecting. I can’t see too many non-Christ followers wanting to have anything to do with that (either as participants or recipients!) I thinking any form of demonstration of the love of God is a great way to live out the Gospel. I also think there are many people that we might not tag as ‘Christian’ that have enough of the image of God in them to want to do kind things. Why wouldn’t we want to work alongside each other? I am part of a regular street food and clothing outreach where this is the case. Several of our regulars would not consider themselves ‘Christian’, but because we are not asking them to do or say anything that might be taken as ‘preachy’, they are happy to serve with us. I think if our purpose is to simply serve others truly, with no strings attached, then we can totally leave the results up to God–both for those we are serving, and those who serve with us.

    • Lon May 15, 2009, 12:25 pm

      I’m with you Al, I’d love to hear more about what those conversations are like when motives emerge… ie. for god, altruism, atoning for the past, etc… do people think less of each other’s core motivations? or does it stay at a more surface level, where we’re all in it for this particular cause together, regardless of the reason?

  • nathan colquhoun May 14, 2009, 6:35 pm

    i differ with most from my community on this one, but more on the side of what leadership entails. if leadership is truely being a servant to all and being the least of these, i have no idea why we have so many restrictions and requirements on being a leader (well i do…it’s the stuff in timothy with the lists of things that leaders should look like)

    its ridiculous to have any sort of restrictions to be able to participate in helping someone. if someone wants to help, do everything necessary to let them help, rather than do everything that you think necessary to “get them to a point” where they are ready to help.

    If someone wants to serve, they have already stumbled into certain aspects of Jesus. Invite them along and explain to them your motivation. If we have stumbled into Jesus then our motivation will not just be to make sure the right people are serving, but to make room for all types to serve their neighbours.

    • Lon May 15, 2009, 12:33 pm

      great points as always Nathan… I’m all for inclusiveness as well… i think there are lines or ‘qualifications’ that aren’t set in stone, but should be cause for discussion before opening the doors wide open… ie. i’d think twice about the pedophile who wants to work with kids, even if genuine… course that’s more the exception.

      as for motives… I think if I said I was doing something ‘for god’… i might actually feel inferior to someone who just said they’re just doing it because… or because it’s right.

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