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Hoping for the death of your child…

A heart-wrenching story coming out of Toronto. (See the Toronto Star article)

Two babies are in intensive care, one that will only survive if given a new heart;  another with a strong heart, but no chance of survival.

The latter child, Kaylee, was taken off life support, so that her heart could be donated to baby Lillian.  Kaylee shocks doctors as she hangs on to life, and according to hospital protocol she can no longer be a candidate for organ donation.

The longer Kaylee stays alive, the less viable her heart becomes for transplant.

Kaylee’s father is quoted as being very upset, not because his child remains alive, but because his daughter’s heart is still good, and their only comfort would be to donate it to baby Lillian who is desperately in need of a new heart.

Besides all the legal and ethical implications of all of this, a few thoughts…

What must it be like, to hope for the death of your own child, so that another might live?

What must it be like to want to give the most precious gift possible (the very heart of your own child), and not be able to do so?

When God and all his angels watched Christ die upon the cross, was there any doubt that life could only come through death?

If this transplant ever does go through, what would it be like for Kaylee’s parents, seeing that other child as they grow up?   I imagine some type of deep and special connection, knowing that their dead child’s heart, remains alive beating within another little girl.

Could that be the way God the Father sees us, knowing that a part of his son and his sacrifice, beats within all of us?

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  • ken April 9, 2009, 8:54 pm

    What an great illustration of what our Heavenly Father must have felt for his Son and for us as Jesus died on the cross and as he looks down on us today. Thanks for the illustration.

  • Lon April 20, 2009, 3:18 pm

    thanks for dropping by and commenting Ken!

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